Tracking Reference : IDLX06627100201JP

Sender Information:

Irwan Usman
Malang, Jawa Timur

Receiver Information:

Mars Speed, Japan Co. LTD

Item Information:

Vehicle: 1959 Mercedes-Benz 190SL
Exterior Color: Ivory (#DB608)
Interior Color: Red (Leather)
VIN #: 121040109501152
Engine #: 121921109501388

Shipment Information:

Tracking #: IDLX06627100201JP
Port of Origin: Port of Tanjung Perak – Indonesia
Destination Port: Port of Kobe – Japan

ETD: 06/June/2019
ETA: 01/July/2019

Extra Notes:
Date Time Status Location
01/June/2019 05:16 PM Shipping Information Received Malang
03/June/2019 10:11 AM Vehicle picked up Malang
03:35 PM Arrived at IDLX warehouse Surabaya
04:22 PM Queue for loading Surabaya
05/June/2019 02:28 PM Loading process Surabaya
04:10 PM Loading completed Surabaya
06:45 PM Queue for departure Surabaya
06/June/2019 02:58 PM Departed to Port of Tanjung Priok Surabaya
08/June/2019 10:38 AM Arrived at Port of Tanjung Priok Jakarta
03:50 PM In Transit: On Schedule Jakarta
10/June/2019 01:17 PM Departed to Port of Singapore Jakarta
15/June/2019 03:30 PM Arrived at port of Singapore Singapore
05:00 PM In Transit: On Schedule Singapore
17/June/2019 11:29 AM Departed to port of Kobe Singapore